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Book Lists

Book Lists 2020

Booklist 2020 :

Year 7 2020 Booklist

Year 7 2020 Booklist Seal

Booklist 2019 :

The College booklist supplier is Lamont Books.

6 Technology Circuit, Hallam
Phone: (03) 8787 1700


Books can be ordered on the Emerald Secondary College Lamont portal at http://www.lamontbooks.com.au/textbooks-stationery/emerald-secondary-college/

Instructions on how to order through the portal can be found here

PDF versions of booklists for each year level and stream are available below

Year 7 2020 BooklistYear 7 SEAL 2020 Booklist
Year 8 2020 BooklistYear 8 SEAL 2020 Booklist
Year 9 2020 BooklistYear 9 SEAL 2020 Booklist
Year 10 & VCE Booklist

Digital licenses for text books
Textbooks usually come with additional digital access or digital editions. Students are required to have their hardcopy textbooks in class. Students often find their laptop memory will not store multiple digital textbooks, and should not rely on this in class. Online access licenses vary from publisher to publisher. Please download this attached summary for details.

Second Hand Books

Textbooks and novels remain on the booklist for a minimum of three years to allow families to purchase books secondhand. The exception is when a new study or curriculum design is released, requiring a new edition or resource to be purchased.

Emerald SC has a partnership with the Sustainable School Shop, which allows families to buy and sell secondhand book listed items. The Sustainable School Shop has both our old and new booklist to ensure families are purchasing the correct items. Families can purchase and sell to local families, or other families across Victoria.



Edrolo is an online study resource for VCE subjects, consisting of videos, practice SACs and coursework tasks. Several subjects have Edrolo as part of their subject fee. All students studying subjects with Edrolo access are required to pay the access fee of $33. This is not collected through the booklist, but rather subject fees, as this is a lower price for families.